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Shadow Rally Club

Just some (very) basics about keeping our rally safe. (We’re all adults..)

You must book-in at Control on arrival, this is so that we can issue you with your wrist band(s). You may nominate someone to pick up all wristbands if you have booked as a club, the nominee should keep in contact with Control about the arrival of their members and all their members should know who is picking up their wristband- unfortunately we cannot refund pre-booked tickets. OTG prices will apply to those clubs bringing more members than have been booked.

Children under 12 are free, they will not receive a free rally badge - but you will be able to buy them one.

All children must be supervised by an adult. Children may only be in the function room and Vale of Lune Club until 9.00pm, but please remember that there will be loud music. (And unsteady people!)

People under 18 may not consume alcohol in the club or on it’s environs, however they are allowed in the function room.

Cans are allowed in your tent and on the camping ground ONLY - the Vale of Lune will ask those taking their own drinks into the premises to leave and we don’t want to spoil your weekend..

Please keep your camping area and the field tidy, use the black bag provided for rubbish.

NO OPEN FIRES. (The camping ground is a sports pitch when we’re not on it)

Please respect the people around you. (Not every-one wants to wake to the sound of revving bikes… )

Finally - have a good time!